Make a 45-day plan: Sushil Kumar advises wrestlers on losing weight

After outlining the ideal day in the life of a wrestler, Sushil Kumar is guiding them over how to shed weight

By Samrat Chakraborty ·

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Sushil Kumar continues to inspire the young wrestlers with valuable lessons through his YouTube channel.

After outlining the ideal day in the life of a wrestler in his previous post, Sushil Kumar is guiding them over how to shed weight ahead of competition. Usually, wrestlers train at a weight 5-6 kilograms over their weight category. It is only closer to competition that they drop their weight under the permitted limit.

Rather than reducing their weight in a short period, through some extreme diet control or working out with multiple layers to sweat it out, Kumar has suggested that they start doing it 45 days before their next tournament or bout.

"I've competed in the 66 kg category. During those times my weight used to go up to 5-6 kg. I suggest the weight category wrestlers make a 45-day target. If he does that, then he can be fit for any big tournament," Sushil Kumar said.

"Fix your weakness in 45 days. About weight. Please maintain it from the beginning. A lot of wrestlers have this problem that they try to lose 4-5 kgs in a day. Better than that one can maintain their weight from the beginning. Because these days weighing is done in the morning and bouts are played in the evening.

Sushil Kumar celebrates his 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medal in Delhi

The 37-year-old also mentioned that the wrestlers should plan so that they lose 200-400gms per day and ensure their mind is at ease.

"The day weighing is done that day only 500 gms of weight should be adjusted,” he advises.

“If you reduce 2-4 kgs in a day then your mind won't work well. If you have to give good performance start with a 45-day plan and adjust around 500-800 gms on the final day. It will help your mind work well and make quick decisions.”

Kumar, who is yet to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics and pulled out of the National Wrestling Championships owing to fitness concerns, concluded by saying that wrestlers should refrain from consuming fatty foods as it reduces speed and agility.